Genome sequencing without assembly / A technology in pre-sequencing process

February 15, 2012

In Advanced Sequencing Technology Awards 2011, Shendure, Jay Ashok of University of Washington, Seattle, got a grant, “Massively Parallel Contiguity Mapping” last year.

1) a method for shattering genomic DNA with symmetric tags that post hoc inform the ordering of adjacent fragmentation events in a way that is entirely independent of the primary sequence content;

I do not understand the detail, but I imagined the concept and made figure below.
Tags inserted into DNA for contiguity information

The above strategy will enable,
1) We do not need complex assemble processes.
2) We can make a genome sequence without problems on repeated sequences.
3) We can get each haploid information separately. We can apply this technology to polyploid organisms like wheat.

A problem to be expected is multiple inserted tags.
A reconstruction error caused by multiple inserted tags

When they complete the project and the technology is available, genome science will be renewed.

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